About us

The Kennel Club Herceg-Bosna is alive practically from 20.10.1992. but it was formally founded on 10.02.1996. in the city of Vitez under the name "The Kennel Club HR Herceg-Bosna". The Kennel Club was registered in Mostar.

The Kennel Clubwas later re-registered in accordance with the law of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo's Court of Justice under its present name.
In the year 2000th, along with Bosnian Kennel club and Serbian Republic Kennel Club , we established a unique organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the name "Union of Cynology Associations of Bosnia and Herzegovina".

On the sixth February of 2002 The Kennel Club of Bosnia and Herzegovina Became a member of the International cynology federation contracting states as part of the "Union of Kennel Club of Bosnia and Herzegovina."

Now we are successfully working on breeding, training, evaluating, protecting purebred dogs as well as staff training.
The members of our association are cynology associations and kennel clubs. The people can be included troughout the associations and clubs, as well as individualy and directly.

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